Kappa Fantasy on Multiple Account ownership

Posted by Andri Sasmito Aji 21 days, 10 hours, 39 minutes ago

To All Kappas,

Recently, we received some reports on our Fantasy League that there are multiple account suspicion on the winner (standings) under the same name.
In light of this situation, we decided to clear things up so that all of you will be able to enjoy playing our Fantasy League.

First of All, we NEVER in a statement PROHIBIT anyone to create multiple account in this website, but we also NEVER ENCOURAGE people to do so, as we are aware that our giveaway sites will potentially attracts those kind of people.

We established Kappa Fantasy as our love to DOTA2 and cosmetics items in general. We do believe that  games are more enjoyable with all of those cosmetics being worn in game. We tried to bridge our fellow Kappas that have limitations to access this "worldly pleasures", and and the same time enjoy being in the community & understanding the gaming scene in general.

However, some people do try hard because this cosmetics have monetary and/or betting value. We actually knew that some of you played in more than 2 accounts, even to the extreme level, more than 5 accounts. However, we realized that, with time, more and more Kappas are starting to enjoy our Fantasy League, and this situation will eventually disheartening and demotivate other Kappas to play Fantasy League in the future.

With that being said, our DECISIONS ARE:

On KFL  ESL One Genting 2018
- We will only authorize prize trade on one (1) account within standings should there are multiple account detected.

On KFL Starladder iLeague S4 - onwards
- Multiple/smurf account will be banned (we will check & clarify, as for now we will look at the account creation date and # of KFL subscribed under the account as the basis);

The decision regarding multiple account is valid for both KFL & Raffle and will be applied to all of our Kappa members. Our decision is final and cannot be appealed

Thank you to all of you for being awesome and supporting us all this time.

-Super Saiyan Kappa out!
PS: GLHF in our next KFL kappa!